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Envy Technologies


1993: Damien Guard and Steve Streeting spend a few weeks designing a game mixing online multiplayer MUD with Eye of the Beholder style graphics and fail to get anywhere fast. The name NVE (each letter of MUD advanced one) sticks around.

1994: Damien's Black Ice BBC goes multi-line becoming the first ISP in the Channel Islands and needs a company name for handling. NVE becomes Envy and gets Technologies appended for good measure.

1995-1999: Damien is joined by Chris Morris and they produce a number of popular free-ware applications including RA 'C' Dev Kit, PaperMan, Text Compare and Garrison. Damien puts out his first shareware application Monitor/RA and are eventually asked to relocate from Guernsey.NET's free web hosting after the downloads account for several GB of data a month.

1999: Damien registers Envy Technologies Ltd. in his home country of Guernsey and begins contracting part-time and Chris takes a full-time development position writing banking software.

2000: Damien goes full time-contracting as Envy Technologies and sub-contracts as lead software engineer for Contract5 to work on Internet banking, content management, penetration testing and specialised solutions. He also sub-contracts to e-scape Interactive working on some Flash games and Java back-ends for Camelot.

2001: Steve Streeting starts the OGRE 3D graphics engine and Damien moves to Jersey.

2002: Damien doodles the Envy logo and actually likes it enough to use it.

2005: Damien returns to Guernsey and sub-contracts to Global Computing on multi-jurisdictional payroll in .NET.

2007: Damien takes full-time employment within the Ricoh group and Steve goes full-time contracting with his new company Torus Knot.

2008: Damien joins Microsoft as a developer on the LINQ to SQL team and moves to Canada for a few months, then onwards to Redmond, WA.

2011: Damien moves Netflix in California. Steve creates SourceForge for the Mac that is subsequently acquired by Atlassian.

2014: Damien moves back to Redmond, WA.


Our freeware products are no longer supported but some are available from Damien's personal development pages.

Alternatively you may have been looking for the Arcam DVD FAQ, the Inspiron 5000e FAQ or the MGT Lifetime/Universal Disc Drive FAQ that are also at DamienG.