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Envy Technologies


1993: Damien Guard and Steve Streeting spend a few weeks designing a game mixing online multiplayer MUD with Eye of the Beholder style graphics and fail to get anywhere fast. The name NVE (each letter of MUD advanced one) sticks around.

1994: Damien's Black Ice BBC goes multi-line becoming the first ISP in the Channel Islands and needs a company name for handling. NVE becomes Envy and gets Technologies appended for good measure.

1995-1999: Damien is joined by a friend and they produce a number of popular freeware applications including RA 'C' Dev Kit, PaperMan, Text Compare and Garrison. Damien puts out his first shareware application Monitor/RA and are eventually asked to relocate from Guernsey.NET's free web hosting after the downloads account for several GB of data a month.

1999: Damien registers Envy Technologies Ltd. in his home country of Guernsey and begins contracting part-time.

2000: Damien goes full time-contracting as Envy Technologies and sub-contracts as lead software engineer for Contract5 to work on Internet banking, content management, penetration testing and specialised solutions. He also sub-contracts to e-scape Interactive working on some Flash games and Java back-ends for Camelot.

2001: Steve Streeting starts the OGRE 3D graphics engine and Damien moves to Jersey.

2002: Damien doodles the Envy logo and actually likes it enough to use it.

2005: Damien returns to Guernsey and sub-contracts to Global Computing on multi-jurisdictional payroll in .NET.

2007: Damien takes full-time employment within the Ricoh group and Steve goes full-time contracting with his new company Torus Knot.

2008: Damien joins Microsoft as a developer on the LINQ to SQL team and moves to Canada for a few months, then onwards to Redmond, WA.

2011: Damien moves Netflix in California. Steve creates SourceForge for the Mac that is subsequently acquired by Atlassian.

2014: Damien moves back to Redmond, WA.


Our freeware products are no longer supported but some are available from Damien's personal development pages.